June Exam Students

Theory Exam prep workshop includes 4 online mock exams which covers Ortho, Neuro, Cardio and multisystem Topics.

Exam is online and timed. You will be provided with feedback and all questions will be discussed

Clinical scenarios are a crucial part of practical (clinical) PCE workshop. We provide timed clinical scenarios and provide students with constructive feedback about their communication skills, body mechanics, patient handling as well as assessment and treatment skills. 

Our Practical Exam workshop includes 3 mock OSCE exams.

  1. Entry Level mini OSCE Exam

  2. Midway OSCE Exam        

  3. Workshop completion- Full 14 station OSCE Exam


Our theory exam workshop are held in a group class room format.

Workshops materials are based on areas that will be examined as per the PCE Theory blueprint (musculoskeletal, neuro, cardiorespiratory, multisystem). Workshops also include vignette scenarios and group discussions. The workshop is structured to develop your critical thinking skills to better prepare you for the written PCE exam. 

A study plan created by Harpreet and Ramesh will also be discussed to help students with preparing for the exam. 

Theory Online Mock Exams
Practical (Clinical) PCE Exam Course - 3  Months

This 3 month workshop has classes every weekend. 

We divide our workshop into different modules:

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Neuro

  • Cardiorespiratory

  • Multisystem

  • Ethics

  • Paediatrics

Each module is covered in 2-3 classes based on the needs of students. Every week, students are encouraged to read through certain topics and our workshop leaders will go through an initial classroom session followed by a hands on practical session. During the practical session, you will be taught history taking, assessment strategies, and treatment options and techniques.

Theory PCE Exam Workshop
With Supplementary Reading Material
Clinical Mock Exams
Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh graduated in 2006 and started these workshops to help local and international physios with their physiotherapy competency exam in Canada

 Harpreet  conducts musculoskeletal theory and practical exam sessions


Ken Nguyen

Ken is passionate about sharing knowledge on various neurological  topics.


Adam Mann

Adam is a Canadian Studied physiotherapist intern who has recently completed his PCE Theory Exam.  


Agnes Lee

Agnes is a Canadian Studied physiotherapist intern who has recently completed her  PCE theoery Exam.


Ramesh Tiruttani

Ramesh is actively  involved in teaching  and guiding students for various physiotherapy  competitive exams like NPTE & PCE. He has a passion for teaching and has taught theory courses in class and online to students in the past 5 years


Exam Preparation Workshops

PCE Practical Exam Course - August 12 2018
Aug. 12, 2018, 10:00 a.m.
Calgary, AB, Canada

Registration Open for PCE PRACTICAL Exam Preparation Course 

August 12 to Nov 4, 2018

Email: pceexamalberta@gmail.com

Phone: 403-992-6558

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