Please note that the Physiotherapy Competency Exam in Canada is a very just examination process. PCE Exam Prep-Alberta does not have access or utilize any Alliance PCE Exam questions or case materials.  All of our mock exams, reading materials, questions, and case scenarios are based on the syllabus and PCE Exam Blueprint provided by the Alliance on their website.  All PCE Exam Prep-Alberta materials are created soley by PCE Exam Prep-Alberta.
In order to comply by the rules of the Alliance, we strictly advise all students and staff, not to share or discuss any previous exam questions. Maintaining PCE exam questions confidentiality is a lifelong commitment. Any student attempting to share/discuss any previous exam questions will be permanently banned from the course without any refund of the course fee
PCE Exam Prep Alberta and any of the instructors are not affiliated with The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, any Canadian Universities or any International Physiotherapist Bridging programs in Canada.
The views and opinions expressed by any instructors are their own personal thoughts.