Theory Exam Course With Course Material (10 Weeks)

Practical (Clinical) Exam Workshop

PCE Clinical Exam Preparation Workshop

Our classes are structured in such a way that we go through all the clinical topics. Scenarios are timed and individualised constructive feedback are provided to help students succeed.

Classes Every Sunday


  • 10 minute joint assessment

  • Special tests

  • Musculoskeletal red flags and  safety mistakes

  • Spinal assessment and posture

  • Individual conditions and post surgical rehab

  • Musculoskeletal exercise prescription  

  • Gait aids

  • Musculoskeletal history taking

Neurological and Pediatric conditions

  • Individual condition neuro assessment

  • Sensory, motor, gait, balance, proprioception/kinesthesia assessment

  • Pediatric assessment and milestones

  • Transfers

  • Gross motor development

  • Functional outcomes

  • Gait assessment and corrections

  • Neuro red flags and safety mistake


  • Cardio and respiratory assessment

  • Cardiopulmonary treatment techniques

  • Lines and tubes

  • Patient transfer

  • Cardiac rehab

  • Exercise prescription

  • Cardiopulmonary history taking

  • Cardiopulmonary red flags and safety mistakes


  • Assessment for general rheumatological and auto immune conditions

  • Pregnancy and post partum conditions and exercise prescription

  • Burns, Diabetes and wounds and ulcer assessment and rehab

  • General exercises 

  • Multisystem conditions assessment and history taking

  • Modalities

  • New workshop format –Every class will include- Lecture + Practice + Exam

  • New format – Workshop will also include theory class for theory practice

  • Get tested on key OSCE competencies during every class

  • Understand concepts about assessment/history taking/education/interaction with patients/communication-verbal and non-verbal.



"Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong"

Scenarios are the most important part of this clinical workshop. Scenarios are timed and constructive feedback will be provided to students on their communication skills, confidence, body mechanics, patient handling, clinical decision making, assessment and treatment skills. 


Our Practical Exam workshop includes OSCE exams.

  1. Entry Level mini OSCE Exam        

  2. Workshop completion- Full 17 station OSCE Exam



COURSE DATE - August 16 2020

FEE - $1350